20+ Years of exceeding expectations


Parker-Stockstill Construction is committed to performing the highest quality work in the safest manner possible. We have provided substantial education, training, and resources to ensure that every one of our employees, including sub-contractors, understands and exemplifies a similar devoutness to safe working habits. 

Parker-Stockstill’s Safety Program is comprehensive, and one of the best in the Industry as indicated by our insurance loss prevention advisers and demonstrated by our safety statistics.  Our program starts with the hiring process, is a key aspect of our on-boarding orientation, and is continuously communicated to every employee from the top down. 

Our Safety professionals understand the importance of spending time in the field observing and coaching managers and crew members daily. Through benchmarking and staying up to date with the latest industry developments, PSC is continuously seeking to improve our already strong Safety Culture. 


  1. We start with a selective hiring process that ensures we are selecting employees that display a commitment to safety,
  2. Each new employee and subcontractor attends an orientation where our safety program and commitment is reviewed.
  3. Our EHS Director and Safety Team lead bi-monthly Executive Safety Committee Meetings.
  4. Our EHS Director and Safety Team lead bi-annual company wide Safety Meetings.
  5. Each of our Crew Foremen lead daily pre-job Safety Meetings.
  6. Each Crew Foremen is provided with a kit which includes an extensive file of information, forms, policies and procedures, enabling them to successfully and safely complete work and deal with any safety related occurrences. 
  7. Each PSC employee has "Stop Work" authority whenever a dangerous condition or act are detected.
  8. When necessary, emergency safety alerts are communicated throughout the company.
  9. Our incident review committee review any time-sensitive safety incident within two days.
  10. PSC participates in federally reported pre-employment and random drug screen procedures.
  11. We have a construction motor vehicle and driver qualification policy that ensures all vehicles and equipment are expertly operated and maintained.
  12. Our safety bonus incentive program rewards Foremen and direct managers on safety performances.
  13. PSC is a member of the National Safety Council and participates in the National Compliance Management System for continuous compliance auditing.
  14. PSC qualifications are pre-vetted through Avetta.